Digit is a recycling company with its roots in Civil Engineering, supplying services to Water Utilities and related industries.

We specialise in the recycling of organic and inert matter produced as a result of the sewage treatment process and the dredging, dewatering and recycling of silts and sludges from canals and lagoons.

Where possible the materials producedĀ are diverted from landfill to a beneficial end use within agriculture, forestry and land restoration.

Our aim to divert material from landfill was in direct response to the Government and European Commission Waste Management Directives and Legislation that were introduced to encourage safe, cost effective soil remediation projects to be carried out on brownfield land.

DIGIT has a range of end uses for recycled material. Land Restoration, Forestry and Agriculture provide the back bone of these outlets. We are also able to provide an all encompassing service by dredging, dewatering or processing wastes into a suitable form for their particular end use.

DIGIT provides a link between knowledge based higher education centres, waste producers and owners of vacant derelict and contaminated land and soil contamination.