Digit has pioneered the use of sewage sludge and other wastes in fertilizing or rebuilding forestry soils after clear felling or before virgin plantings.

Once roots are felled, brash and timber remnants are incorporated into the soil along with the nutrient rich sludge.

The nitrogen present within the sludge is an ideal companion for the carbon rich timber products and aids their rapid decomposition. After the incorporation operation is completed the site is handed back to the landowner with improved soil nutrient and drainage status making re-planting a simple operation.

Beating up percentages post application are very low as the new trees are planted into a clean environment free from weeds and any insect pests that may attack them.

Digit has undertaken a large range of forestry projects for:-

  • Duke of Baccleuch Estates
  • Castle Howard Estate
  • Duke of Bedford Estates
  • Duke of Abercorn Estates
  • Poplar Tree Company
  • Forest Enterprise¬†