Land Restoration

DIGIT Resource Management, with its roots in Civil Engineering, undertakes a diverse range of land restoration projects.

Recycled organic matter from a wide variety of sources is utilised to enhance soils already on site or to build soils where none existed previously.

We offer an economic, sustainable waste outlet for organic materials.  We can use these materials to reclaim vacant and derelict land by restoring the soil profile across the site, and thereby returning the land to a productive use.

If the site requires recontouring our site survey team will produce a planned sympathetic land form that is both sensitive to the landscape in which it sits and maximises economic or wildlife potential of the reclaimed area.

With a wide skill base DIGIT can undertake any aspects of your project from soil formation alone to the implementation of a complete scheme. If required we will oversee the proposal from inception to completion.

DIGIT staff will carry out all planning applications, Environment Agency and SEPA permitting and liaison with the relevant authorities and agencies.

Past projects include award winning coal pit restorations, brickwork, sandpits and hard rock quarry reinstatements. These were carried out for a variety of clients including individual landowner, government bodies and multi-national companies.

Our company aim is to present cost effective techniques for the reclamation of vacant and derelict land.

We are able to offer this by providing sustainable organic waste recycling outlets that minimises disposal to landfill.

The Next Move

If you have unproductive land due to mining, quarrying or other related activities please contact DIGIT today so that we can further discuss your requirements and offer advice.